Veneer Division

Dimension Hardwood Veneers started in 1977 in Edon, Ohio and has built a reputation as a true niche supplier of thick rotary veneer. Our core business is Rotary, Cut-to-Size veneers from Northern Hardwoods, primarily Maple and Oaks, and other hardwood species. Manufacturing capability includes thickness ranges from 1/42 inch (0.6mm) to 1/6 inch (4.2mm) and lengths ranging from 8 to 107 inches. We specialize in Custom, Cut-to-Size veneer and specifications that meet requirements defined by our customers. Thick veneer is our specialty. Our operation is conveniently located in northwest Ohio allowing for efficient procurement of logs throughout the Great Lakes region.

Markets we Serve:

  • Curved/Molded Plywood
  • Dieboard, Skateboard
  • Custom flat plywood
  • Specialty applications (musical instrument and gaming markets)