Plywood Panels

Dimension manufactures panels from 1.5mm to 2-1/4" thick (we even build custom cores when necessary) in sizes ranging from 4×8 to 5×12.

  • "Cross grain" panels from 8×4 to 12×5
  • Sketch faces (diamonds, reverse diamonds, sunbursts, inlays, logos, etc)
  • Burls and crotches
  • Veneer banded and solid wood banded panels
  • Finishing available upon request


Dimension manufactures custom, made to order flush wood doors the "Ideal" way.  Our team has many years’ experience in building doors the way they are meant to be built: those of our discerning customers and AWS Premium specifications.

  • Flush up to 5×12′ (or even slightly larger)
  • Stile & Rail + raised panel door capability
  • Fire Rated doors manufactured and machined in-house (20, 45, 60 and 90 minute tags available)
  • Extensive machining capabilities
  • Sketch faces and sketch stile & rail
  • Custom thicknesses and construction/configuration options
  • MDO & primed doors
  • Lightweight core options available
  • LEED: FSC® NAUF substrates and materials
  • Custom finishing and UV roll coat finish available by request
  • Fast Track shipping available


We will layup specialty products (laminate and metal laminates) and can glue to substrates such as metal or acrylic.



  • Fire Rated
  • Fire Rated FSC® NAUF
  • Moisture Resistant or Exterior grade
  • Lightweight

Flexible Sheets

  • 10 mil
  • 20 mil
  • 2-ply (wood glued to wood)
  • 3-ply
  • Phenolic or similar

Veneer Core

  • Baltic/Russian Birch
  • AC Fir Core
  • Marine Grade/Moisture Resistant
  • "Combination" core (MDF outer plies with veneer core inner ply)
  • Many others

Particle Board

  • Fire Rated
  • Fire Rated FSC® NAUF

FSC® is a registered trademark of the Forest Stewardship Council™. Ask for FSC® certified products. FSC® Certificate Number FSC-C041275